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«TransTech™» Ltd was founded in 1991, and its core activity is manufacturing of brushes for cleaning equipment. Among the key consumers of our products are municipal services departments, operating cleaning equipment of both Russian (DKT-1, KO-713, PM-130, KO-804, KO-707, KO-812, PU-60, PU-61, PU-93, PUM-90, PUM-93) and European (Bars, Schmidt, Kroll, Multicar, Becker, Rolba, Bimak, Schoerling, Hoffmann, Hansa, Bucher, Boschung, etc.) make.

дисковые щетки для коммунальной техники дисковые щетки для уборочных машин дисковые щетки для уборочной техники

Answering the quantitative and qualitative growth of the Russian market of domestic and imported cleaning equipment, TransTech™ company increases capacities, develops its own technologies and improves equipment, monitors the filed for the latest technologies, imports up-to-date manufacturing equipment for the production of ring brushes, flat wire, distance rings, polypropylene bristles, and other brush products.

Our enterprise also produces ring brushes for special snow equipment for removing snow on runways of civil and military airdromes: DE-7, DE-25, DE-224, DE-235, Ara, Vimmas, Overaasen, Bucher, Boschung, Rolba, Schmidt, etc.

Our management and engineering teams devote much attention to the quality of ring brushes and other brush products manufactured, constantly checking the quality of the raw materials before putting them on conveyor belts, and the durability of brushes of various modifications is verified in the conditions of testing sites.

Over the years of successful work, our company has built a unique team of manufacturing technicians, workers, who are able to operate all types of equipment and machinery, managers and executives , whose leadership qualities meet the requirements of modern markets and who are capable to carry out the strategy and implement tactics for the modern production, and to solve complex manufacturing issues.

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