дисковые щетки

«TransTech™» company performs all kinds of operations for the equipping of cleaning machines with ring brushes and their subsequent adjustment to rollers of any design. The company also produces side brushes (gutterbrooms) as well as strip brushes of various modifications, equipped with special spring wire (flat wire) and polypropylene bristles.

Employing ring brushes by «TransTech™» on imported snow equipment used for cleaning the runways of major airports such as "Pulkovo", "Sheremetyevo", "Domodedovo" and other airdromes, has enabled our customers to operate this equipment without any additional costs previously allocated for the purchase of brush discs in Germany and Scandinavia.

дисковые щетки

The company management attaches great importance to the quality of the brush products. The quality control of the supplied raw materials and polypropylene bristles is continuously carried out in the chemical laboratory. We are also commited to expanding our range of products in accordance with the increasing variety types of Russian and foreign cleaning machines.

«TransTech™» Ltd is constantly developing new ranges of products and exploring new directions of our activities . For instance, currently our company offers a full package of services to our customers . From now on, it is possible to order not only brush discs for Russian and imported municipal and airport machinery (all types and sizes), but also all kinds of spare parts for cleaning equipment of Russian make, as well as heat-frost-acid-alkali-proof technical sheeting of different dimensions, reinforced and non-reinforced , brush attachment for MTZ (Minsk Tractor Works), universal joints, RK (correspondong repair kits), sprockets, rollers, water pumps and more.

Our company will ensure the delivery of brush discs and spare parts for municipal cleaning equipment by rail, as cargo, or by road within Russia, CIS and other countries, and will provide customs clearance services and manage procedures for obtaining CT-1 and «A» Certificates , as well as other permits.

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