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are designated for cleaning the curb from the garbage (tray), they are mounted on sweepers of Russian and foreign brands. A side brush typically consists of four cycle-form sectors, or of an integral ring-shaped construction with circular or square holes, arranged circle-wise in 3 or 4 rows for setting the filling material - the so-called polypropylene bristle - into them.

Сектор лотковой щетки с комбинированным ворсом.
Лотковая щетка с комбинированным ворсом.
Лотковая щетка с металлическим ворсом.

Bristles may be made of polypropylene line or steel spring strip (flat wire), as well as special fill material (replaceable element made of steel spring strip).

The side brush should be equipped with appropriate bristles according to the nature of the debris. Side brushes (gutterbrooms) can be stuffed with polypropylene bristles or steel spring strip, but it is also possible to combine the materials to produce mixed bristles.


Machine type Size, mm Stuffing
Multicar 55 x 318 met/met/met
Multicar 200 x 358 met/met/met
Broddway Senior 670 x 910 met/pol/pol/met
Broddway Wasa 560 x 800 (4 sectors) met/pol/met
Bucher 80 x 400 met/met/met/met
Citycat 120 x 420 met/pol/met/pol
HANSA 140 x 300 met/met/met
Dulevo 60 x 600 met/met/pol
Dulevo 5000 60 x 700 met/met/met
Dulevo 5000 60 x 800 met/met/met
PUM Vilma 350 x 650 met/pol/met
Hako 250 x 600 met/met/met
Johnston 52 x 400 met/met/met/met
HANSA 440 x 640 (4 sectors) met/met/met
Pony-604 240 x 573 met/met/met
Pony 100 x 400 met/met/met
Unimog Schmidt 200 x 450 met/pol/met/pol
Unimog Mercedes 25 x 766 met/met/pol/pol
Broddway Viking 480 x 630 (4 sectors) met/pol/met
GRÜNIG 200 x 450 met/met/met
GRÜNIG 200 x 450 pol/pol/pol
Bobcat 200 x 450 met/met/met
Bobcat 200 x 450 pol/pol/pol
Cora 55 x 495 met/pol/met/pol
Kramer Tremo 340 x 480 pol/pol/pol
Schmidt 340 x 480 met/met/met

Мультикар. Лотковые щетки.

Броддвей Сеньор. Лотковые щетки.
Broddway Senior

Броддвей Васса. Лотковые щетки.
Broddway Wasa

Бухер. Лотковые щетки.

Унимог Мерседес. Лотковые щетки.
Unimog Mercedes

Дулео 5000. Лотковые щетки.
Dulevo 5000

Шмидт. Лотковые щетки.

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