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During the manufacturing of brushes the company implements advanced technologies, using high-quality raw materials, which makes TransTech™ products competitive on the markets of Scandinavia and Western Europe, and defines a steady demand for its products in Russia and CIS countries.

Among the key products of our company are ring brushes of a variety of modifications. They are produced using both traditional materials – steel spring wire after additional mechanical treatment – bead forming (which improves mechanical properties of the brush), and brand-new polypropylene bristles.

Due to high wear- and freeze (-55°С to +70°С) resistance and low moisture absorption rate (0.01%) of polypropylene bristles, used for the manufacturing of brush discs, it is possible to use brush products by our company all year round regardless of the latitude of their application.

For the manufacture of brush disks with polypropylene bristles and straight-frame metal seat rings we use: line (1.4 mm to 3 mm thick), made on the latest imported equipment from high-quality polypropylene pellets, and steel tape, produced in compliance with Russian GOST and TU Standards.

The operational period of brush discs, which consist of steel wire (zinc or brass plated) bead-formed using complex technological equipment, and straight-frame metal seat rings (which is used to firmly fold the bristles along the inner circumference), exceeds that of polypropylene bristles disks by 1.5 times.

Brush discs with curved profile of the steel metal seat ring with metal or polypropylene bristles, ensure high-quality pavement cleaning due to the unique profile of the seat ring in the form of an eight. They are used on imported cleaning equipment such as "Bob Cat", "Scandia", "Nordic", etc.

Brush disc with polypropylene seat ring and polypropylene bristle is relatively new in our product range. The process of manufacturing such disks in our company is ensured by implementation of imported equipment and modern technologies, allowing to firmly seal polypropylene bristle into polypropylene seat ring with extended hub. Improved locking pin eliminates the possibility of disk slippage on the brush roller during operation. Reliability and simplicity of the construction allows to perform cleaning works at low temperatures (-50 °C) at high brush roller speed without any loss bristles from the hub. Equipping machinery with this kind of discs makes it unnecessary to use distance rings. That is why experts of companies, using such disks, call them ‘non-spacer discs’.

Brush ‘non-spacer’ disc has been further improved , and the trial batch was tested at the testing site. Test result exceeded all our assumptions. The pavement seemed as if it had been vacuum-cleaned! Such quality of cleaning has been achieved by implementation of changing bristles configuration profile on the disk hub. That is, the polypropylene bristle is sealed not in the line order, but zigzag-like. After setting the discs on the brush roller ‘top-to-top’, we get a central brush, that is tightly packed with bristles, thus increasing the surface cleaned. Discs, mounted in such a way, resemble honeycombs, that is why they were called "Bee-line".

Side brushes (gutterbrums) with polypropylene bristles are mounted on a number of Russian and imported machines, such as Broadway Señor, Bucher, Bob-Cat, PUM, PUMa and are designed cleaning the curb from rubbish.

Side brush (gutterbrum) with wire bristles. Depending on the nature of the road debris, different types of bristles are employed. Side brush can be equipped (filled) with metal or polypropylene bristles. It is also possible to combine polypropylene and metal materials.

Side brush (gutterbrum) with mixed bristles. It is important to consider the region where the brush is supposed to be used. The further to the North, the harder the bristle for removing dirt, slush and ice should be used.

Airport tufted rings with propylene bristles is designed for installion on cleaning equipment for airports: DE-235, DE-224, Jet Broome. Beam-formed polypropylene line, assembled in a bundle, becomes hard enough to ensure good coverage and cleaning quality.

Wire brush with metal bristles. Beam-formed polypropylene line, assembled in a bundle, becomes hard enough to ensure good coverage and cleaning quality.

Strip brush with polypropylene bristles is mounted on Duello sweeping machine and a range of model by Mercedes. Due to the high density of its bristles, it provides considerable coverage and cleaning quality.

Flat wire (steel spring strip) is used for bristle-stuffing side brushes (gutterbrooms), adjusted to operate in the local conditions. Thanks to its elasticity and durability, it ensures good quality of solid waste removal, and significantly increases the lifespan of the brush.

Manufacturing technology of airport cassette brushes has been fully optimized. This has enabled us to produce airport cassette brushes at a new level. All the operations are performed using sophisticated equipment of the last generation, and raw materials of the highest quality along with a special technique of fixing the bristle in the profile ensure exceptional quality of airport cassette brushes, which can be seen in their reliability and high durability, regardless of the climat zone they are operated.

Tufts – replaceable elements of side brushes (gutterbrums) are produced from flat wire (steel spring strip). They are mounted to silumin base of the side brush on foreign cleaning equipment of various models.

Polypropylene (janitor) broom is the supplementary product of our manufacturing. Polypropylene broom is no less efficient than a good side brush. It has better sweeping properties and a longer lifespan than a birch broom.

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